ALL meanings of acme

A a
  • singular noun acme The acme of something is its highest point of achievement or excellence. 3
  • noun acme the culminating point, as of achievement or excellence; summit; peak 3
  • noun acme the highest point; point of culmination; peak 3
  • noun acme pinnacle, peak 1
  • noun Technical meaning of acme (company, jargon)   /ak'mee/ 1. A Company that Makes Everything. The canonical imaginary business. Possibly also derived from the word "acme" meaning "highest point". 2. A program for MS-DOS. 1
  • noun acme The point at which someone or something is best, perfect, or most successful. 1
  • noun acme the highest point; summit; peak: The empire was at the acme of its power. 1
  • noun acme The top or highest point; pinnacle; culmination. 0
  • noun acme (medicine) The crisis or height of a disease. 0
  • noun acme Mature age; full bloom of life. 0
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