ALL meanings of acinus

A a
  • noun acinus any of the terminal saclike portions of a compound gland 3
  • noun acinus any of the small drupes that make up the fruit of the blackberry, raspberry, etc 3
  • noun acinus a collection of berries, such as a bunch of grapes 3
  • noun acinus one of the small sacs of a compound or racemose gland 3
  • noun plural acinus Botany. one of the small drupelets or berries of an aggregate, baccate fruit, as the blackberry. 1
  • noun plural acinus a berry, as a grape or currant. 1
  • noun acinus A small saclike cavity in a gland, surrounded by secretory cells. 1
  • noun plural acinus Anatomy. a minute rounded lobule. the smallest secreting portion of a gland. 1
  • noun acinus (botany) One of the small grains or drupelets which make up some kinds of fruit, as the blackberry, raspberry, etc. 0
  • noun acinus (botany) A grape-stone. 0
  • noun acinus (anatomy) One of the granular masses which constitute a racemose or compound gland, as the pancreas; also, one of the saccular recesses in the lobules of a racemose gland. 0
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