ALL meanings of aching

A a
  • noun aching Causing pain or distress. 1
  • adjective aching causing physical pain or distress: treatment for an aching back. 1
  • adjective aching full of or precipitating nostalgia, grief, loneliness, etc. 1
  • verb without object aching to have or suffer a continuous, dull pain: His whole body ached. 1
  • verb without object aching to feel great sympathy, pity, or the like: Her heart ached for the starving animals. 1
  • verb without object aching to feel eager; yearn; long: She ached to be the champion. He's just aching to get even. 1
  • noun aching a continuous, dull pain (in contrast to a sharp, sudden, or sporadic pain). 1
  • adjective aching hurting 1
  • adjective aching feeling: sad, yearning 1
  • noun aching The feeling of an ache; a dull pain. 0
  • verb aching present participle of ache. 0
  • adjective aching That aches; continuously painful. 0
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