ALL meanings of acheulian

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  • noun acheulian (in Europe) the period in the Lower Palaeolithic following the Abbevillian, represented by the use of soft hammerstones in hand axe production made of chipped stone, bone, antler, or wood. The Acheulian dates from the Riss glaciation 3
  • noun acheulian (in Africa) the period represented by every stage of hand axe development 3
  • adjective acheulian of or relating to this period 3
  • adjective acheulian of, relating to, or typical of a Lower Paleolithic culture of the middle Pleistocene Epoch, characterized by large hand axes and cleavers made by the soft hammer technique. 1
  • noun acheulian Alternative spelling of Acheulean. 0
  • adjective acheulian Alternative spelling of Acheulean. 0
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