ALL meanings of achaean

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  • noun achaean a member of a principal Greek tribe in the Mycenaean era 3
  • noun achaean a native or inhabitant of the later Greek province of Achaea 3
  • adjective achaean of or relating to Achaea or the Achaeans 3
  • adjective achaean of Achaea or its people or culture 3
  • adjective achaean Greek 3
  • noun achaean a person born or living in Achaea 3
  • noun achaean loosely, a Greek 3
  • adjective achaean of or relating to Achaea or the Achaeans. 1
  • adjective achaean (in the Iliad) Greek. 1
  • noun achaean an inhabitant of Achaea. 1
  • noun achaean a Greek, especially a member of the Achaean League. 1
  • noun achaean a member of one of the four main divisions of prehistoric Greeks, believed to have occupied the Peloponnesus and to have produced the Mycenaean culture. Compare Aeolian2 (def 2), Dorian1 (def 2), Ionian (def 3). 1
  • noun achaean An inhabitant or a resident of Achaea. 0
  • adjective achaean Of or relating to Achaea. 0
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