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  • uncountable noun acetone Acetone is a type of solvent. 3
  • noun acetone a colourless volatile flammable pungent liquid, miscible with water, used in the manufacture of chemicals and as a solvent and thinner for paints, varnishes, and lacquers. Formula: CH3COCH3 3
  • noun acetone a colorless, flammable, volatile liquid, CH3COCH3, used in organic synthesis and as a solvent, esp. in making rayon: it is found in small amounts in normal urine but in greater amounts in diabetic urine 3
  • noun acetone a colorless, volatile, water-soluble, flammable liquid, C 3 H 6 O, usually derived by oxidation of isopropyl alcohol or by bacterial fermentation of carbohydrates: used chiefly in paints and varnishes, as a general solvent, and in organic synthesis. 1
  • noun acetone A colorless volatile liquid ketone made by oxidizing isopropanol, used as an organic solvent and synthetic reagent. 1
  • noun acetone (organic chemistry) A colourless, volatile, flammable liquid ketone, (CH3)2CO, used as a solvent. 0
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