ALL meanings of acetanilide

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  • noun acetanilide a white crystalline powder used in the manufacture of dyes and rubber, as an analgesic in medicine, and as a precursor in penicillin manufacture. Formula: C6H5NHCOCH3 3
  • noun acetanilide a white, crystalline organic substance, C6H5NHCOCH3, produced by the action of acetic acid on aniline: it is used as a drug to lessen pain and fever, in making dyes, etc. 3
  • noun acetanilide a white, crystalline, odorless, organic powder, C 8 H 9 NO, produced by the action of glacial acetic acid on aniline, used chiefly in organic synthesis and formerly in the treatment of fever and headache. 1
  • noun acetanilide A crystalline solid prepared by acetylation of aniline, used in dye manufacture. 1
  • noun acetanilide (organic chemistry, pharmacology) The amide derived from acetic acid and aniline; once used medicinally as an analgesic and antipyretic. 0
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