ALL meanings of accustom

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  • verb accustom If you accustom yourself or another person to something, you make yourself or them become used to it. 3
  • verb accustom to make (oneself) familiar (with) or used (to), as by practice, habit, or experience 3
  • verb transitive accustom to make familiar by custom, habit, or use; habituate (to) 3
  • noun accustom Make (someone or something) accept something as normal or usual. 1
  • verb with object accustom to familiarize by custom or use; habituate: to accustom oneself to cold weather. 1
  • transitive verb accustom habituate 1
  • noun accustom (Obsolete (No longer in use)) Custom. 0
  • verb accustom (Transitive Verb) To make familiar by use; to cause to accept; to habituate, familiarize, or inure; -- with to. 0
  • verb accustom (Intransitive Verb) OBS To be wont. 0
  • verb accustom (Intransitive Verb) OBS To cohabit. 0
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