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  • verb accuse If you accuse someone of doing something wrong or dishonest, you say or tell them that you believe that they did it. 3
  • verb accuse If you are accused of a crime, a witness or someone in authority states or claims that you did it, and you may be formally charged with it and put on trial. 3
  • verb accuse to charge (a person or persons) with some fault, offence, crime, etc; impute guilt or blame 3
  • verb transitive accuse to find at fault; blame 3
  • verb transitive accuse to bring formal charges against (of doing wrong, breaking the law, etc.) 3
  • noun accuse Charge (someone) with an offense or crime. 1
  • verb with object accuse to charge with the fault, offense, or crime (usually followed by of): He accused him of murder. 1
  • verb with object accuse to find fault with; blame. 1
  • verb without object accuse to make an accusation. 1
  • transitive verb accuse blame sb 1
  • intransitive verb accuse law: charge with a crime 1
  • verbal expression accuse blame for doing sth 1
  • verbal expression accuse law: charge with committing a crime 1
  • verb accuse (Transitive Verb) To find fault with, to blame, to censure. 0
  • verb accuse (Transitive Verb) To charge with having committed a crime or offence. 0
  • verb accuse (Intransitive Verb) To make an accusation against someone. 0
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