ALL meanings of accrete

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  • verb accrete to grow or cause to grow together; be or become fused 3
  • verb accrete to make or become bigger, as by addition 3
  • intransitive verb accrete to grow by being added to 3
  • intransitive verb accrete to grow together; adhere 3
  • verb transitive accrete to cause to adhere or unite (to) 3
  • adjective accrete grown together 3
  • verb without object accrete to grow together; adhere (usually followed by to). 1
  • verb with object accrete to add, as by growth. 1
  • adjective accrete Botany. grown together. 1
  • noun accrete Grow by accumulation or coalescence. 1
  • verb accrete (Intransitive Verb) To grow together, combine; to fuse. 0
  • verb accrete (Intransitive Verb) To adhere; to grow or to be added to gradually. 0
  • verb accrete (Transitive Verb) To make adhere; to add; to make larger or more, as by growing. 0
  • adjective accrete Characterized by accretion; made up; as, accrete matter. 0
  • adjective accrete (botany) Grown together. 0
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