ALL meanings of accredited

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  • adjective accredited appointed and having official credentials 3
  • adjective accredited certified or guaranteed as meeting required standards 3
  • adjective accredited officially recognized; sanctioned; authorized 3
  • adjective accredited officially recognized as meeting the essential requirements, as of academic excellence: accredited schools. 1
  • adjective accredited provided with official credentials, as by a government: an accredited diplomatic representative. 1
  • adjective accredited accepted as authoritative: an accredited theory. 1
  • verb with object accredited to ascribe or attribute to (usually followed by with): He was accredited with having said it. 1
  • verb with object accredited to attribute or ascribe; consider as belonging: an invention accredited to Edison. 1
  • verb with object accredited to provide or send with credentials; designate officially: to accredit an envoy. 1
  • verb with object accredited to certify (a school, college, or the like) as meeting all formal official requirements of academic excellence, curriculum, facilities, etc. 1
  • verb with object accredited to make authoritative, creditable, or reputable; sanction. 1
  • verb with object accredited to regard as true; believe. 1
  • noun accredited (of a person, organization, or course of study) officially recognized or authorized. 1
  • verb accredited simple past tense and past participle of accredit. 0
  • adjective accredited Given official approval after meeting certain standards, as an accredited university; or as disease free cattle. 0
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