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  • uncountable noun accounting Accounting is the activity of keeping detailed records of the amounts of money a business or person receives and spends. 3
  • noun accounting the skill or practice of maintaining and auditing accounts and preparing reports on the assets, liabilities, etc, of a business 3
  • noun accounting (as modifier) 3
  • noun accounting the principles or practice of systematically recording, presenting, and interpreting financial accounts 3
  • noun accounting a statement of debits and credits 3
  • noun accounting a settling or balancing of accounts 3
  • noun accounting Accounting is the activity of keeping financial records. 3
  • noun accounting Also called charge account. an accommodation or service extended by a business to a customer or client permitting the charging of goods or services, the returning for credit of unsatisfactory merchandise, etc.: Do you have an account at this store? My account with the restaurant is past due. 1
  • noun accounting a statement of financial transactions. 1
  • noun accounting Bookkeeping. a formal record of the debits and credits relating to the person, business, etc., named at the head of the ledger account. a balance of a specified period's receipts and expenditures. 1
  • noun accounting Commerce. a business relation in which credit is used. any customer or client, especially one carried on a regular credit basis. Also called advertising account. the business assigned to an advertising agency by a client: The toothpaste account was awarded to a new agency last year. 1
  • verb without object accounting to give an explanation (usually followed by for): to account for the accident. 1
  • verb without object accounting to answer concerning one's conduct, duties, etc. (usually followed by for): to account for the missing typewriters. 1
  • verb without object accounting to provide a report on money received, kept, and spent. 1
  • verb without object accounting to cause (usually followed by for): The humidity accounts for our discomfort. His reckless driving accounted for the accident. 1
  • verb with object accounting to regard; consider as: I account myself well paid. 1
  • verb with object accounting to assign or impute (usually followed by to): the many virtues accounted to him. 1
  • idioms accounting call to account, to hold accountable; blame; reprimand: Call them to account for having endangered their lives. ask for an explanation of. 1
  • idioms accounting give a good / bad account of, to do something or conduct oneself in a good (bad, etc.) manner: She gave a good account of herself in the tennis tournament. 1
  • idioms accounting hold to account, to hold responsible; hold accountable or culpable: If any of the silver is missing, I'm going to hold you to account. 1
  • idioms accounting on account, as an installment or a partial payment: I can't pay the balance, but here's $10 on account. 1
  • idioms accounting on account of, by reason of; because of. for the sake of: She saw it through on account of me. 1
  • idioms accounting on all accounts, in any case; under any circumstances. Also, at all accounts. 1
  • idioms accounting on no account, under no circumstances; absolutely not: On no account should you buy that painting without having it appraised. 1
  • idioms accounting take account of, to make allowance for; consider: One must take account of the difficult circumstances. Taking account of the high overhead, the price is not excessive. to notice or observe. Also, take into account. 1
  • idioms accounting turn to account, to derive profit or use from; turn to advantage: She has turned her misfortunes to account. 1
  • noun accounting The action or process of keeping financial accounts. 1
  • noun accounting profession 1
  • noun accounting financial books 1
  • noun accounting an oral or written description of particular events or situations; narrative: an account of the meetings; an account of the trip. 1
  • noun accounting an explanatory statement of conduct, as to a superior. 1
  • noun accounting a statement of reasons, causes, etc., explaining some event. 1
  • noun accounting reason; basis: On this account I'm refusing your offer. 1
  • noun accounting importance; worth; value; consequence: things of no account. 1
  • noun accounting estimation; judgment: In his account it was an excellent piece of work. 1
  • noun accounting an amount of money deposited with a bank, as in a checking or savings account: My account is now with Third National. 1
  • noun accounting (accounting) The development and use of a system for recording and analyzing the financial transactions and financial status of a business or other organization. 0
  • noun accounting A relaying of events; justification of actions. 0
  • verb accounting present participle of account. 0
  • adjective accounting Of or relating to accounting. 0
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