ALL meanings of according

A a
  • adjective according agreeing; in harmony 3
  • adjective according in proportion; in relation 3
  • adjective according on the report (of); as stated (by) 3
  • adjective according in conformity (with); in accordance (with) 3
  • adjective according depending (on whether) 3
  • adjective according dependent on 3
  • noun according As stated by or in. 1
  • adjective according agreeing: according voices raised in censure. 1
  • verb without object according to be in agreement or harmony; agree. 1
  • verb with object according to make agree or correspond; adapt. 1
  • verb with object according to grant; bestow: to accord due praise. 1
  • verb with object according Archaic. to settle; reconcile. 1
  • noun according proper relationship or proportion; harmony. 1
  • noun according a harmonious union of sounds, colors, etc. 1
  • noun according consent or concurrence of opinions or wills; agreement. 1
  • noun according an international agreement; settlement of questions outstanding among nations. 1
  • idioms according of one's own accord, without being asked or told; voluntarily: We did the extra work of our own accord. 1
  • verb according present participle of accord. 0
  • adjective according Agreeing; in agreement or harmony; harmonious. 0
  • adverb according (Obsolete (No longer in use)) Accordingly; correspondingly. 0
  • adverb according Consistently as; in a corresponding manner (now generally expressing accordance with two or more alternatives). 0
  • adverb according In accordance, in a manner consistent to (something). 0
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