ALL meanings of accloy

A a
  • verb accloy to knock a nail into (a horse's foot) when affixing a horseshoe and thereby cause injury 3
  • verb accloy to fill or load to or beyond a limit or cause a blockage or obstruction 3
  • verb accloy to excite a feeling of aversion or revulsion in 3
  • verb accloy (Transitive Verb) OBS To drive a nail into a horseshoe; to lame. 0
  • verb accloy (Transitive Verb) OBS To overfill; to fill to satiety; to stuff full. 0
  • verb accloy (Transitive Verb) OBS To clog, clog up; to block. 0
  • verb accloy (Transitive Verb) (archaic) To be disgusting to. 0
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