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  • adjective accidental An accidental event happens by chance or as the result of an accident, and is not deliberately intended. 3
  • adjective accidental occurring by chance, unexpectedly, or unintentionally 3
  • adjective accidental nonessential; incidental 3
  • adjective accidental denoting sharps, flats, or naturals that are not in the key signature of a piece 3
  • adjective accidental (of a property) not essential; contingent 3
  • noun accidental an incidental, nonessential, or supplementary circumstance, factor, or attribute 3
  • noun accidental a symbol denoting a sharp, flat, or natural that is not a part of the key signature 3
  • adjective accidental happening by chance; fortuitous 3
  • adjective accidental belonging but not essential; attributive; incidental 3
  • adjective accidental of an accidental 3
  • noun accidental a nonessential quality or feature 3
  • noun accidental a sign, as a sharp, flat, or natural, placed before a note to show a change of pitch from that indicated by the key signature 3
  • noun accidental the tone indicated by such a sign 3
  • adjective accidental not deliberate, unplanned 1
  • noun accidental music: modified note 1
  • adjective accidental happening by chance or accident; not planned; unexpected: an accidental meeting. 1
  • adjective accidental nonessential; incidental; subsidiary: accidental benefits. 1
  • adjective accidental Music. relating to or indicating sharps, flats, or naturals. 1
  • noun accidental a nonessential or subsidiary circumstance, characteristic, or feature. 1
  • noun accidental Music. a sign placed before a note indicating a chromatic alteration of its pitch. 1
  • noun accidental Happening by chance, unintentionally, or unexpectedly. 1
  • noun accidental A property which is not essential; a nonessential; anything happening accidentally. 0
  • noun accidental (painting, plural only) Those fortuitous effects produced by luminous rays falling on certain objects so that some parts stand forth in abnormal brightness and other parts are cast into a deep shadow. 0
  • noun accidental (music) A sharp, flat, or natural, occurring not at the commencement of a piece of music as the signature, but before a particular note. 0
  • adjective accidental Not essential; incidental, secondary. 0
  • adjective accidental (philosophy) Nonessential to something's inherent nature (especially in Aristotelian thought). 0
  • adjective accidental (music) Adjusted by one or two semitones, in temporary departure from the key signature. 0
  • adjective accidental Occurring sometimes, by chance; occasional. 0
  • adjective accidental Happening by chance, or unexpectedly; taking place not according to the usual course of things; by accident, unintentional. 0
  • adjective accidental (geometry) Being a double point with two distinct tangent planes in 4-dimensional projective space. 0
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