ALL meanings of acciaccatura

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  • noun acciaccatura a small grace note melodically adjacent to a principal note and played simultaneously with or immediately before it 3
  • noun acciaccatura (in modern music) a very short appoggiatura 3
  • noun acciaccatura in keyboard music of the Baroque period, a short grace note sounded together with the principal note or chord, but quickly released 3
  • noun plural acciaccatura a short grace note one half step below, and struck at the same time as, a principal note. 1
  • noun acciaccatura A grace note performed as quickly as possible before an essential note of a melody, and falling before the beat. 1
  • noun acciaccatura (music) A short grace note (theoretically taking no time at all), occurring on the beat occupied by the main note to which it is prefixed, one scale-step higher or lower than that main note. (Sometimes equivalent, therefore, to a short appoggiatura, but in Baroque music interpreted differently and more strictly.) Written as a note lighter in appearance, typically a quaver (eighth note), with an oblique stroke through the stem. 0
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