ALL meanings of academicism

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  • noun academicism adherence to rules and traditions in art, literature, etc; conventionalism 3
  • noun academicism the quality of being academic; esp., formal or pedantic quality, spirit, etc. 3
  • noun academicism Adherence to formal or conventional rules and traditions in art or literature. 1
  • noun academicism traditionalism or conventionalism in art, literature, etc. 1
  • noun academicism thoughts, opinions, and attitudes that are purely speculative. 1
  • noun academicism pedantic or formal quality. 1
  • noun academicism (classical studies, sometimes capitalized) The doctrines of Plato's academy; specifically the skeptical doctrines of the later academy stating that nothing can be known; a tenet of the Academic philosophy; state of being Academic. 0
  • noun academicism (art, literature) Traditional or orthodox formalism; conventionalism. 0
  • noun academicism Speculative thoughts and attitudes. 0
  • noun academicism A mannerism or mode peculiar to an academy. 0
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