ALL meanings of academe

A a
  • uncountable noun academe The academic world of universities is sometimes referred to as academe. 3
  • noun academe any place of learning, such as a college or university 3
  • noun academe the Academy (sense 1) (see phrase under academy) 3
  • noun academe a school; esp., a college or university 3
  • noun academe the academic world 3
  • noun academe the campus activity, life, and interests of a college or university; the academic world. 1
  • noun academe (sometimes initial capital letter) any place of instruction; a school. 1
  • noun academe (initial capital letter) the public grove in Athens in which Plato taught. 1
  • noun academe a person living in, accustomed to, or preferring the environment of a university. 1
  • noun academe a scholarly or pedantic person, especially a teacher or student. 1
  • noun academe The academic environment or community; academia. 1
  • noun academe university environment 1
  • noun academe (historical) The name of the garden in Athens where the academics met. 0
  • noun academe (poetic) An academy; a place of learning. 0
  • noun academe (poetic) The scholarly life, environment, or community. 0
  • noun academe A senior member of the staff at an institution of higher learning; pedant. 0
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