ALL meanings of abuzz

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  • adjective abuzz If someone says that a place is abuzz with rumours or plans, they mean that everyone there is excited about them. 3
  • adjective abuzz humming, as with conversation, activity, etc; buzzing 3
  • adjective abuzz filled with buzzing 3
  • adjective abuzz full of activity, talk, etc. 3
  • adjective abuzz buzzing. 1
  • adjective abuzz full of or alive with activity, talk, etc.: The company was abuzz with rumors about the new owner. 1
  • noun abuzz Filled with a continuous humming sound. 1
  • adjective abuzz lively, busy 1
  • adjective abuzz In a buzz; buzzing. 0
  • adjective abuzz (postpositive) Characterized by excessive gossip or activity. 0
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