ALL meanings of abstruse

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  • adjective abstruse You can describe something as abstruse if you find it difficult to understand, especially when you think it could be explained more simply. 3
  • adjective abstruse not easy to understand; recondite; esoteric 3
  • adjective abstruse hard to understand because of being extremely complex, intellectually demanding, highly abstract, etc.; deep; recondite 3
  • adjective abstruse obscure, hard to understand 1
  • adjective abstruse hard to understand; recondite; esoteric: abstruse theories. 1
  • adjective abstruse Obsolete. secret; hidden. 1
  • noun abstruse Difficult to understand; obscure. 1
  • adjective abstruse (Obsolete (No longer in use)) Concealed or hidden out of the way; secret. 0
  • adjective abstruse Difficult to comprehend or understand; recondite; obscure; esoteric. 0
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