ALL meanings of abstract

A a
  • adjective abstract art: non-representational 1
  • noun abstract summary of text 1
  • transitive verb abstract condense, summarize sth in writing 1
  • intransitive verb abstract consider sth out of practical context 1
  • adjective abstract not real 1
  • adjective abstract undefined 1
  • noun abstract non-representational artwork 1
  • transitive verb abstract extract, remove sth 1
  • transitive verb abstract obtain sth from a source 1
  • noun abstract Existing in thought or as an idea but not having a physical or concrete existence. 1
  • noun abstract An abridgement or summary of a longer publication. 0
  • noun abstract Something that concentrates in itself the qualities of larger item, or multiple items. 0
  • noun abstract An abstraction; an abstract term; that which is abstract. 0
  • noun abstract The theoretical way of looking at things; something that exists only in idealized form. 0
  • noun abstract (art) An abstract work of art. 0
  • noun abstract (real estate) A summary title of the key points detailing a tract of land, for ownership; abstract of title. 0
  • verb abstract (Transitive Verb) To separate; to disengage. 0
  • verb abstract (Transitive Verb) To remove; to take away; withdraw. 0
  • verb abstract (Transitive Verb) (euphemistic) To steal; to take away; to remove without permission. 0
  • verb abstract (Transitive Verb) To summarize; to abridge; to epitomize. 0
  • verb abstract (Transitive Verb) OBS To extract by means of distillation. 0
  • verb abstract (Transitive Verb) To consider abstractly; to contemplate separately or by itself; to consider theoretically; to look at as a general quality. 0
  • verb abstract (Intransitive Verb) (reflexive, literally figuratively) To withdraw oneself; to retire. 0
  • verb abstract (Transitive Verb) To draw off (interest or attention). 0
  • verb abstract (Intransitive Verb) (rare) To perform the process of abstraction. 0
  • verb abstract (Intransitive Verb) (fine arts) To create abstractions. 0
  • verb abstract (Intransitive Verb) (computing) To produce an abstraction, usually by refactoring existing code. Generally used with "out". 0
  • adjective abstract (Obsolete (No longer in use)) Derived; extracted. 0
  • adjective abstract (now rare) Drawn away; removed from; apart from; separate. 0
  • adjective abstract Expressing a property or attribute separately of an object that is considered to be inherent to that object. 0
  • adjective abstract Considered apart from any application to a particular object; not concrete; ideal; non-specific; general, as opposed to specific. 0
  • adjective abstract Difficult to understand; abstruse; hard to conceptualize. 0
  • adjective abstract (archaic) Absent-minded. 0
  • adjective abstract (art) Pertaining to the formal aspect of art, such as the lines, colors, shapes, and the relationships among them. 0
  • adjective abstract Insufficiently factual. 0
  • adjective abstract Apart from practice or reality; vague; theoretical; impersonal; not applied. 0
  • adjective abstract (grammar) As a noun, denoting an intangible as opposed to an object, place, or person. 0
  • adjective abstract (computing) Of a class in object-oriented programming, being a partial basis for subclasses rather than a complete template for objects. 0
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