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abstract expressionism
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  • noun abstract expressionism a school of painting in New York in the 1940s that combined the spontaneity of expressionism with abstract forms in unpremeditated, apparently random, compositions 3
  • noun abstract expressionism a post-WWII movement in painting characterized by emphasis on the artist's spontaneous and self-expressive application of paint in creating a nonrepresentational composition 3
  • noun abstract expressionism a movement in experimental, nonrepresentational painting originating in the U.S. in the 1940s, with sources in earlier movements, and embracing many individual styles marked in common by freedom of technique, a preference for dramatically large canvases, and a desire to give spontaneous expression to the unconscious. 1
  • noun abstract expressionism 20th-century art movement 1
  • noun abstract expressionism (usually capitalized) Alternative form of Abstract Expressionism. 0
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