ALL meanings of absinthe

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  • uncountable noun absinthe Absinthe is a very strong alcoholic drink that is green and tastes bitter. 3
  • noun absinthe a potent green alcoholic drink, technically a gin, originally having high wormwood content 3
  • noun absinthe wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) or its essence 3
  • noun absinthe a green, bitter, toxic liqueur made with wormwood oil and anise: now illegal in most countries 3
  • noun absinthe a similar drink, as anis or pastis, made with a wormwood substitute 3
  • noun absinthe a green, aromatic liqueur that is 68 percent alcohol, is made with wormwood and other herbs, and has a bitter, licorice flavor: now banned in most Western countries. 1
  • noun absinthe wormwood (def 2). 1
  • noun absinthe highly-alcoholic green spirit 1
  • noun absinthe The shrub wormwood. 1
  • noun absinthe The herb absinthium Artemisia absinthium (grande wormwood); essence of wormwood. 0
  • noun absinthe (figuratively) Bitterness; sorrow. 0
  • noun absinthe (alcohol): A distilled, highly alcoholic, anise-flavored liquor originally made from grande wormwood, anise, and other herbs. 0
  • noun absinthe A moderate yellow green; absinthe green. 0
  • noun absinthe (US) Sagebrush. 0
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