ALL meanings of absence

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  • variable noun absence Someone's absence from a place is the fact that they are not there. 3
  • singular noun absence The absence of something from a place is the fact that it is not there or does not exist. 3
  • noun absence the state of being away 3
  • noun absence the time during which a person or thing is away 3
  • noun absence the fact of being without something; lack 3
  • noun absence the condition of being absent, or away 3
  • noun absence the time of being away 3
  • noun absence the fact of being without; lack 3
  • noun absence inattentiveness 3
  • noun absence person: not being present 1
  • noun absence period not present 1
  • noun absence lack 1
  • noun absence The state of being away from a place or person. 1
  • noun absence state of being away or not being present: I acted as supervisor in his absence. Your absence was noted on the records. 1
  • noun absence period of being away: an absence of several weeks. 1
  • noun absence failure to attend or appear when expected. 1
  • noun absence lack; deficiency: the absence of proof. 1
  • noun absence inattentiveness; preoccupation; absent-mindedness: absence of mind. 1
  • noun absence A state of being away or withdrawn from a place or from companionship; the period of being away. 0
  • noun absence Failure to be present where one is expected, wanted, or needed; nonattendance; deficiency. 0
  • noun absence Lack; deficiency; nonexistence. 0
  • noun absence Inattention to things present; abstraction (of mind). 0
  • noun absence (medicine) Temporary loss or disruption of consciousness, with sudden onset and recovery, and common in epilepsy. 0
  • noun absence (fencing) Lack of contact between blades. 0
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