ALL meanings of abscond

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  • verb abscond If someone absconds from somewhere such as a prison, they escape from it or leave it without permission. 3
  • verb abscond If someone absconds with something, they leave and take it with them, although it does not belong to them. 3
  • verb abscond to run away secretly, esp from an open institution or to avoid prosecution or punishment 3
  • intransitive verb abscond to go away hastily and secretly; run away and hide, esp. in order to escape the law 3
  • noun abscond Leave hurriedly and secretly, typically to avoid detection of or arrest for an unlawful action such as theft. 1
  • intransitive verb abscond flee secretly 1
  • verb without object abscond to depart in a sudden and secret manner, especially to avoid capture and legal prosecution: The cashier absconded with the money. 1
  • verb abscond (Intransitive Verb) (reflexive, archaic) To hide, to be in hiding or concealment. 0
  • verb abscond (Intransitive Verb) (reflexive) To flee, often secretly; to steal away, particularly to avoid arrest or prosecution. 0
  • verb abscond (Intransitive Verb) To withdraw from. 0
  • verb abscond (Transitive Verb) OBS To conceal; to take away. 0
  • verb abscond (Transitive Verb) To evade, to hide or flee from. 0
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