ALL meanings of abscess

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  • countable noun abscess An abscess is a painful swelling containing pus. 3
  • noun abscess a localized collection of pus formed as the product of inflammation and usually caused by bacteria 3
  • verb abscess to form such a collection of pus 3
  • noun abscess a swollen, inflamed area in body tissues, in which pus gathers 3
  • intransitive verb abscess to form an abscess 3
  • noun abscess pus-filled sore 1
  • noun abscess A swollen area within body tissue, containing an accumulation of pus. 1
  • noun abscess a localized collection of pus in the tissues of the body, often accompanied by swelling and inflammation and frequently caused by bacteria. 1
  • noun abscess A cavity caused by tissue destruction, usually because of infection, filled with pus and surrounded by inflamed tissue. 0
  • verb abscess (Intransitive Verb) To form a pus filled cavity typically from an infection. 0
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