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A a
  • adverb abroad If you go abroad, you go to a foreign country, usually one which is separated from the country where you live by an ocean or a sea. 3
  • adverb abroad If there is a story or feeling abroad, people generally know about it or feel it. 3
  • adverb abroad to or in a foreign country or countries 3
  • adjective abroad (of news, rumours, etc) in general circulation; current 3
  • adjective abroad out in the open 3
  • adjective abroad over a wide area 3
  • adjective abroad in error 3
  • adverb abroad broadly; far and wide 3
  • adverb abroad in circulation; current 3
  • adverb abroad outside one's house; outdoors 3
  • adverb abroad outside one's own country; to or in foreign countries 3
  • adverb abroad to or in Europe 3
  • adverb abroad wide of the mark; in error 3
  • adverb abroad outside own country 1
  • adverb abroad widely 1
  • noun abroad foreign country 1
  • adverb abroad about, in circulation 1
  • noun abroad In or to a foreign country or countries. 1
  • adverb abroad in or to a foreign country or countries: famous at home and abroad. 1
  • adverb abroad in or to another continent: Shall we go to Mexico or abroad this summer? 1
  • adverb abroad out of doors; from one place to another; about: No one was abroad in the noonday heat. The owl ventures abroad at night. 1
  • adverb abroad spread around; in circulation: Rumors of disaster are abroad. 1
  • adverb abroad broadly; widely; far and wide. 1
  • adverb abroad wide of the mark; in error. 1
  • noun abroad a foreign land or lands: imports from abroad. 1
  • noun abroad (rare) Countries or lands abroad. 0
  • adverb abroad (dated) At large; widely; broadly; over a wide space. 0
  • adverb abroad (dated) Without a certain confine; outside the house; away from one's abode. 0
  • adverb abroad Beyond the bounds of a country; in foreign countries. 0
  • adverb abroad (dated) Before the public at large; throughout society or the world; here and there; moving without restriction. 0
  • adverb abroad Not on target; astray; in error; confused; dazed. 0
  • adverb abroad (sports) Played elsewhere than one's home grounds. 0
  • preposition abroad Throughout, over. 0
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