ALL meanings of aboard

A a
  • preposition aboard If you are aboard a ship or plane, you are on it or in it. 3
  • preposition aboard Aboard is also an adverb. 3
  • adverb aboard on, in, onto, or into (a ship, train, aircraft, etc) 3
  • adverb aboard alongside (a vessel) 3
  • adverb aboard on board; on, in, or into a ship, airplane, etc. 3
  • abbreviation ABOARD alongside 3
  • adverb aboard as a participant, partner, employee, etc. 3
  • preposition aboard on board of; on; in 3
  • adverb aboard on board; on, in, or into a ship, train, airplane, bus, etc.: to step aboard. 1
  • adverb aboard alongside; to the side. 1
  • adverb aboard Baseball. on base: a homer with two aboard. 1
  • adverb aboard into a group as a new member: The office manager welcomed him aboard. 1
  • preposition aboard on board of; on, in, or into: to come aboard a ship. 1
  • idioms aboard all aboard!, (as a warning to passengers entering or planning to enter a train, bus, boat, etc., just before starting) Everyone get on! 1
  • noun aboard On or into (a ship, aircraft, train, or other vehicle). 1
  • adverb aboard on a ship or vehicle 1
  • preposition aboard on: a ship or vehicle 1
  • preposition aboard part of: a team or project 1
  • adverb aboard On board; into or within a ship or boat; hence, into or within a railway car. 0
  • adverb aboard On or onto a horse, a camel, etc. 0
  • adverb aboard (baseball) On base. 0
  • adverb aboard Into a team, group, or company. 0
  • adverb aboard (nautical) Alongside. 0
  • preposition aboard On board of; onto or into a ship, boat, train, plane. 0
  • preposition aboard Onto a horse. 0
  • preposition aboard (Obsolete (No longer in use)) Across; athwart; alongside. 0
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