ALL meanings of abnormality

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  • variable noun abnormality An abnormality in something, especially in a person's body or behaviour, is an unusual part or feature of it that may be worrying or dangerous. 3
  • noun abnormality an abnormal feature, event, etc 3
  • noun abnormality a physical malformation; deformity 3
  • noun abnormality deviation from the typical or usual; irregularity 3
  • noun abnormality the quality or condition of being abnormal 3
  • noun abnormality an abnormal thing; malformation 3
  • noun plural abnormality an abnormal condition, state, or quality; irregularity; deviation. 1
  • noun plural abnormality an abnormal thing or event. 1
  • noun abnormality An abnormal feature, characteristic, or occurrence, typically in a medical context. 1
  • noun abnormality aberration, sth odd or irregular 1
  • noun abnormality The state or quality of being abnormal; variation; irregularity. 0
  • noun abnormality Something abnormal; an aberration; an abnormal occurrence or feature. 0
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