ALL meanings of ablaut

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  • noun ablaut vowel gradation, esp in Indo-European languages 3
  • noun ablaut patterned change of base vowels in forms of a word or in related words to show changes in tense, meaning, etc., as in the Indo-European languages (Ex.: drink, drank, drunk) 3
  • noun ablaut (in Indo-European languages) regular alternation in the internal phonological structure of a word element, especially alternation of a vowel, that is coordinated with a change in grammatical function or combination, as in English sing, sang, sung, song; apophony. 1
  • noun ablaut A change of vowel in related words or forms, e.g., in Germanic strong verbs (e.g., in sing, sang, sung ). 1
  • noun ablaut (linguistics) The substitution of one root vowel for another, thus indicating a corresponding modification of use or meaning; vowel permutation; as, get, gat, and got; sing and song; hang and hung, distinct from the phonetic influence of a succeeding vowel. 0
  • verb ablaut (Intransitive Verb) (linguistics, of a vowel-containing linguistic component) To undergo a change of vowel. 0
  • verb ablaut (Transitive Verb) (linguistics) To cause to change a vowel. 0
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