ALL meanings of ablative absolute

ab·la·tive ab·so·lute
A a
  • noun ablative absolute an absolute construction in Latin grammar in which a governor noun and a modifier in the ablative case function as a sentence modifier; for example, hostibus victis, "the enemy having been beaten" 3
  • noun ablative absolute in Latin, a grammatically independent phrase containing a noun in the ablative case and a participle, pronoun, or second noun also in the ablative case, used to express time, cause, or circumstance 3
  • noun ablative absolute a construction not dependent upon any other part of the sentence, consisting of a noun and a participle, noun and adjective, or two nouns, in which both members are in the ablative case, as Latin viā factā, “the road having been made.”. 1
  • noun ablative absolute (linguistics) A construction in Latin in which an independent phrase with a noun in the ablative case has a participle, expressed or implied, which agrees with it in gender, number and case – both words forming a clause grammatically unconnected with the rest of the sentence. 0
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