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  • adjective ablative (in certain inflected languages such as Latin) denoting a case of nouns, pronouns, and adjectives indicating the agent in passive sentences or the instrument, manner, or place of the action described by the verb 3
  • adjective ablative taking away or removing 3
  • adjective ablative able to disintegrate or be worn away at a very high temperature 3
  • noun ablative the ablative case 3
  • noun ablative a word or speech element in the ablative case 3
  • adjective ablative designating, of, or in a case expressing removal, deprivation, direction away from, source, cause, or agency 3
  • adjective ablative that ablates, as the protective coating material on the nose cone of a space missile 3
  • noun ablative the ablative case: this case is expressed by inflection in languages such as Latin, Sanskrit, and Hungarian 3
  • noun ablative a word or phrase in this case 3
  • adjective ablative capable of or susceptible to ablation; tending to ablate: the ablative nose cone of a rocket. 1
  • noun ablative the ablative case. 1
  • noun ablative a word in that case, as Troiā in Latin Aenēas Troiā vēnit, “Aeneas came from Troy.”. 1
  • noun ablative Relating to or denoting a case (especially in Latin) of nouns and pronouns (and words in grammatical agreement with them) indicating separation or an agent, instrument, or location. 1
  • noun ablative grammar: ablative case 1
  • adjective ablative grammar: case 1
  • noun ablative (grammar) The ablative case. 0
  • noun ablative An ablative material. 0
  • adjective ablative (grammar) Applied to one of the cases of the noun in some languages, the fundamental meaning of the case being removal, separation, or taking away, and to a lesser degree, instrument, place, accordance, specifications, price, or measurement. 0
  • adjective ablative (Obsolete (No longer in use)) Pertaining to taking away or removing. 0
  • adjective ablative (engineering, nautical) Sacrificial, wearing away or being destroyed in order to protect the underlying, as in ablative paints used for antifouling. 0
  • adjective ablative (medicine) Relating to the removal of a body part, tumor, or organ. 0
  • adjective ablative (geology) Relating to the erosion of a land mass; relating to the melting or evaporation of a glacier. 0
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