ALL meanings of ablate

A a
  • verb ablate to remove by ablation 3
  • verb transitive ablate to remove, as by surgery 3
  • verb transitive ablate to wear away, melt, or vaporize (surface material) by entering into or passing through the atmosphere at supersonic speed 3
  • verb transitive ablate to wear away, as by erosion 3
  • intransitive verb ablate to undergo ablation 3
  • verb with object ablate to remove or dissipate by melting, vaporization, erosion, etc.: to ablate a metal surface with intense heat. 1
  • verb without object ablate to become ablated; undergo ablation. 1
  • noun ablate (transitive) To remove or decrease something by cutting, erosion, melting, evaporation, or vaporization. (Late 15th century.). 1
  • transitive verb ablate medicine: remove 1
  • verb ablate (Intransitive Verb) To undergo ablation; to become melted or evaporated and removed at a high temperature. 0
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