ALL meanings of abecedarian

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  • noun abecedarian a person who is learning the alphabet or the rudiments of a subject 3
  • adjective abecedarian alphabetically arranged 3
  • noun abecedarian a person learning the alphabet; beginning student 3
  • noun abecedarian any beginner or novice 3
  • adjective abecedarian of the alphabet 3
  • adjective abecedarian elementary 3
  • noun abecedarian Arranged alphabetically. 1
  • noun abecedarian a person who is learning the letters of the alphabet. 1
  • noun abecedarian a beginner in any field of learning. 1
  • adjective abecedarian of or relating to the alphabet. 1
  • adjective abecedarian arranged in alphabetical order. 1
  • adjective abecedarian rudimentary; elementary; primary. 1
  • noun abecedarian Someone who is learning the alphabet. 0
  • noun abecedarian An elementary student, a novice; one in the early steps of learning. 0
  • noun abecedarian (archaic) Someone engaged in teaching the alphabet; an elementary teacher; one that teaches the methods and principles of learning. 0
  • noun abecedarian (rhetoric) A work which uses words or lines in alphabetical order. 0
  • adjective abecedarian (now rare) Pertaining to someone learning the alphabet or basic studies; elementary; rudimentary. 0
  • adjective abecedarian Pertaining to the alphabet, or several alphabets. 0
  • adjective abecedarian Arranged in an alphabetical manner. 0
  • adjective abecedarian Relating to or resembling an abecedarius. 0
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