ALL meanings of abbreviation

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  • noun abbreviation a making shorter 3
  • noun abbreviation the fact or state of being made shorter 3
  • noun abbreviation a shortened form of a word or phrase, as N.Y. for New York, Mr. for Mister, lb for pound, ctn for cotangent 3
  • countable noun abbreviation An abbreviation is a short form of a word or phrase, made by leaving out some of the letters or by using only the first letter of each word. 3
  • noun abbreviation a shortened or contracted form of a word or phrase used in place of the whole 3
  • noun abbreviation the process or result of abbreviating 3
  • noun abbreviation a shortened or contracted form of a word or phrase, used to represent the whole, as Dr. for Doctor, U.S. for United States, lb. for pound. 1
  • noun abbreviation an act of abbreviating; state or result of being abbreviated; reduction in length, duration, etc.; abridgment; summary: His abbreviation of his famous monograph, an enormous endeavor in itself, made an excellent introduction to the volume of collected essays of which he was the editor. 1
  • noun abbreviation a short phrase or reduced form used to represent a larger, more complex idea, situation, set of beliefs, etc.: “Freedom of speech” has become an abbreviation for a wealth of debate—and case law—about protesters' rights. The artist presented an abbreviation of line, plane, and curve; she creates breathtaking abstract representations of bodies you expect to leap off the canvas and start dancing. 1
  • noun abbreviation word: shortened form 1
  • noun abbreviation act of shortening 1
  • noun abbreviation A shortened form of a word or phrase. 1
  • noun abbreviation The result of shortening or reducing; abridgment. 0
  • noun abbreviation (linguistics) A shortened or contracted form of a word or phrase, used to represent the whole, utilizing omission of letters, and sometimes substitution of letters, or duplication of initial letters to signify plurality, including signs such as, +, =, @. 0
  • noun abbreviation The process of abbreviating. 0
  • noun abbreviation (music) A notation used in music score to denote a direction, as pp or mf. 0
  • noun abbreviation (music) One or more dashes through the stem of a note, dividing it respectively into quavers, semiquavers, demisemiquavers, or hemidemisemiquavers. 0
  • noun abbreviation Any convenient short form used as a substitution for an understood or inferred whole. 0
  • noun abbreviation (biology) Loss during evolution of the final stages of the ancestral ontogenetic pattern. 0
  • noun abbreviation (mathematics) Reduction to lower terms, as a fraction. 0
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