ALL meanings of abbott

A a
  • noun abbott Tony, full name Anthony John Abbott. born 1957, Australian Liberal politician; prime minister (2013–2015) 3
  • noun abbott Berenice, 1898–1991, U.S. photographer. 1
  • noun abbott Edith, 1876–1957, and her sister Grace, 1878–1939, U.S. social reformers. 1
  • noun abbott Edville Gerhardt [ed-vil gair-hahrt] /ˈɛd vɪl ˈgɛər hɑrt/ (Show IPA), 1871–1938, U.S. orthopedist. 1
  • noun abbott George, 1887–1995, U.S. playwright, director, and producer. 1
  • noun abbott Jacob, 1803–79, and his son, Lyman, 1835–1922, U.S. clergymen and writers. 1
  • noun abbott Sir John Joseph Caldwell, 1821–93, Canadian political leader: prime minister 1891–92. 1
  • noun abbott Robert Sengstake [seng-stak] /ˈsɛŋ stæk/ (Show IPA), 1868–1940, U.S. newspaper publisher. 1
  • noun abbott William ("Bud") 1898–1974, U.S. actor, producer, and comedian, best known as the straight man of Abbott and Costello. 1
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