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  • uncountable noun abatement Abatement means a reduction in the strength or power of something or the reduction of it. 3
  • noun abatement diminution or alleviation; decrease 3
  • noun abatement suppression or termination 3
  • noun abatement the amount by which something is reduced, such as the cost of an article 3
  • noun abatement a decrease in the payment to creditors or legatees when the assets of the debtor or estate are insufficient to meet all payments in full 3
  • noun abatement (formerly) a wrongful entry on land by a stranger who takes possession after the death of the owner and before the heir has entered into possession 3
  • noun abatement a lessening or reduction 3
  • noun abatement an amount deducted; extent of a reduction 3
  • noun abatement the termination of a suit, quashing of a nuisance, etc. 3
  • noun abatement esp. legal: lessening 1
  • noun abatement (often in legal use) the ending, reduction, or lessening of something. 1
  • noun abatement the act or state of abating or the state of being abated; reduction; decrease; alleviation; mitigation. 1
  • noun abatement suppression or termination: abatement of a nuisance; noise abatement. 1
  • noun abatement an amount deducted or subtracted, as from the usual price or the full tax. 1
  • noun abatement Law. a reduction of a tax assessment. the termination of a nuisance. a wrongful entry on land made by a stranger, after the owner's death and before the owner's heir or devisee has obtained possession. a decrease in the legacies of a will when the assets of an estate are insufficient to pay all general legacies in full. 1
  • noun abatement Also called rebatement. Heraldry. a charge or mark that, when introduced into a coat of arms, indicates the owner's disgrace. 1
  • noun abatement The act of abating, or the state of being abated; a lessening, diminution, or reduction; a moderation; removal or putting an end to; the suppression of. 0
  • noun abatement The amount abated; that which is taken away by way of reduction; deduction; decrease; a rebate or discount allowed; in particular from a tax. 0
  • noun abatement (heraldry) A mark of dishonor on an escutcheon; any figure added to the coat of arms tending to lower the dignity or station of the bearer. 0
  • noun abatement (law) The action of a person that abates, or without proper authority enters a residence after the death of the owner and before the heir takes possession. 0
  • noun abatement (law) The reduction of the proceeds of a will, when the debts have not yet been satisfied; the reduction of taxes due. 0
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