ALL meanings of abash

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  • verb abash to cause to feel ill at ease, embarrassed, or confused; make ashamed 3
  • verb transitive abash to make embarrassed and ill at ease; make self-conscious; disconcert 3
  • verb with object abash to destroy the self-confidence, poise, or self-possession of; disconcert; make ashamed or embarrassed: to abash someone by sneering. 1
  • noun abash Cause to feel embarrassed, disconcerted, or ashamed. 1
  • transitive verb abash make ashamed, disconcert 1
  • verb abash (Transitive Verb) To make ashamed; to embarrass; to destroy the self-possession of, as by exciting suddenly a consciousness of guilt, mistake, or inferiority; to disconcert; to discomfit. 0
  • verb abash (Intransitive Verb) OBS To lose self-possession; to become ashamed. 0
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