ALL meanings of abaft

A a
  • adverb abaft closer to the stern than to another place on a vessel 3
  • preposition abaft behind; aft of 3
  • adverb abaft at or toward the stern or rear of a ship; aft 3
  • preposition abaft to the rear of; behind 3
  • preposition abaft to the rear of; aft of: the fife rail abaft the mainmast. 1
  • adverb abaft in the direction of the stern; astern; aft. 1
  • noun abaft In or behind the stern of a ship. 1
  • adverb abaft (Obsolete (No longer in use)) (nautical) Backwards. 0
  • adverb abaft (nautical) On the aft side; in the stern. 0
  • preposition abaft (nautical) Behind; toward the stern relative to some other object or position; aft of. 0
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