ALL meanings of aback

A a
  • adverb aback towards the back; backwards 3
  • adverb aback backward; back 3
  • adverb aback backward against the mast, as the sails of a square-rigged vessel in a wind from straight ahead 3
  • adverb aback toward the back. 1
  • adverb aback Nautical. so that the wind presses against the forward side of the sail or sails. 1
  • adjective aback (of a sail) positioned so that the wind presses against the forward side. 1
  • adjective aback (of a yard) positioned so that its sail is laid aback. 1
  • idioms aback taken aback, surprised and disconcerted: I was taken aback by his harsh criticism. 1
  • noun aback Toward or situated to the rear. 1
  • noun aback (Obsolete (No longer in use)) An abacus. 0
  • adverb aback (archaic) Towards the back or rear; backwards. 0
  • adverb aback (archaic) In the rear; a distance behind. 0
  • adverb aback By surprise; startled; dumbfounded. 0
  • adverb aback (nautical) Backward against the mast; said of the sails when pressed by the wind from the "wrong" (forward) side, or of a ship when its sails are set that way. 0
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