ALL meanings of ab

A a
  • countable noun ab In some American universities, an AB is the same as a BA. 3
  • abbreviation AB able-bodied seaman 3
  • abbreviation AB (in the US) Bachelor of Arts 3
  • abbreviation AB (esp in postal addresses) Alberta (Canada) 3
  • symbol ab a human blood type of the ABO group, containing both the A antigen and the B antigen 3
  • noun ab a blood type 3
  • abbreviation AB airman basic 3
  • noun ab Alberta (Canada) 3
  • noun ab (times) at bat 3
  • noun ab Bachelor of Arts 3
  • noun ab the eleventh month of the Jewish year 3
  • noun ab (informal) abdominal muscle. (Mid 20th century.). 1
  • noun plural ab abdominal muscles 1
  • abbreviation AB Av. 1
  • noun ab (Slang) An abscess caused by injecting an illegal drug, usually heroin. 0
  • noun ab Abbreviation of abortion. 0
  • noun ab (US) The early stages of; the beginning process; the start. 0
  • verb ab Abbreviation of abort. 0
  • adverb ab Abbreviation of about. 0
  • preposition ab Abbreviation of about. 0
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