ALL meanings of a posteriori

a pos·te·ri·o·ri
A a
  • adjective a posteriori relating to or involving inductive reasoning from particular facts or effects to a general principle 3
  • adjective a posteriori derived from or requiring evidence for its validation or support; empirical; open to revision 3
  • noun a posteriori from effect to cause, or from particular instances to a generalization; inductive or inductively 3
  • noun a posteriori based on observation or experience; empirical 3
  • adverb a posteriori law, logic: from experience 1
  • adjective a posteriori from particular instances to a general principle or law; based upon actual observation or upon experimental data: an a posteriori argument that derives the theory from the evidence. Compare a priori (def 1). 1
  • adjective a posteriori not existing in the mind prior to or independent of experience. Compare a priori (def 2). 1
  • adjective a posteriori (logic) Involving deduction of theories from facts. 0
  • adjective a posteriori (linguistics, of a constructed language) Developed on a basis of languages which already exist. 0
  • adverb a posteriori (logic) In a manner that deduces theories from facts. 0
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