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A a
  • adjective a-list An A-list celebrity is a celebrity who is very famous indeed. 3
  • singular noun a-list An A-list of celebrities is a group of celebrities who are very famous indeed. 3
  • noun a-list the most socially desirable category 3
  • noun a-list (as modifier) 3
  • modifier a-list belonging to the A list 3
  • noun a-list a list of important or prominent persons, as of those regarded as highly desirable guests at upper-class social or cultural events 3
  • noun a-list a group of desirable or admired people who are welcomed especially in social and professional situations: Hollywood's A list turned out for the Oscars. 1
  • adjective a-list Also, A-list. pertaining to or being in an A list; prominent. 1
  • noun a-list (chiefly US) An informal list of people in any of several categories (but especially in the entertainment industry) who are most admired, desirable or bankable. 0
  • adjective a-list (chiefly US) Best of the group; top. 0
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