ALL meanings of 68040

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  • abbreviation Technical meaning of 68040 Motorola 68040 3
  • noun Definition of 68040 in Technology (processor)   (MC68040) A microprocessor from Motorola. It was the successor to the Motorola 68030 and was followed by the Motorola 68060. The 68040 was the first 680x0 family member with an on-chip FPU. It also had split instruction and data caches of 4 kilobytes(?) each. It was fully pipelined, with six stages. The 68040 was used in the Apple Macintosh Quadra series of personal computers. The MC68LC040 is an MC68040 without a built-in FPU, and the MC68EC040 is an MC68040 without an MMU or FPU. 1
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