M m


    • US Pronunciation
    • US IPA
    • UK Pronunciation
    • UK IPA
    • [mer-ee goh round]
    • /ˈmɛr i goʊ raʊnd/
    • /ˈmer.i ɡəʊ raʊnd/
    • US Pronunciation
    • US IPA
    • [mer-ee goh round]
    • /ˈmɛr i goʊ raʊnd/

Definitions of merry-go-round word

  • noun merry-go-round Also called carousel, carrousel. (in amusement parks, carnivals, etc.) a revolving, circular platform with wooden horses or other animals, benches, etc., on which people may sit or ride, usually to the accompaniment of mechanical or recorded music. 1
  • noun merry-go-round a rapid whirl or a busy round, as of social life or business affairs. 1
  • noun merry-go-round carousel, roundabout 1
  • countable noun merry-go-round A merry-go-round is a large circular platform at a fairground on which there are model animals or vehicles for people to sit on or in as it turns round. 0
  • countable noun merry-go-round You can refer to a continuous series of activities as a merry-go-round. 0
  • noun merry-go-round a whirl of activity or events 0

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Origin of merry-go-round

First appearance:

before 1720
One of the 49% newest English words
First recorded in 1720-30

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merry-go-round popularity

A pretty common term. Usually people know it’s meaning, but prefer to use a more spread out synonym. About 47% of English native speakers know the meaning and use word.
According to our data about 60% of words is more used. This is a rare but used term. It occurs in the pages of specialized literature and in the speech of educated people.

Synonyms for merry-go-round

noun merry-go-round

  • fun — something that provides mirth or amusement: A picnic would be fun.
  • humor — hacker humour
  • satire — the use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, or the like, in exposing, denouncing, or deriding vice, folly, etc.
  • farce — a light, humorous play in which the plot depends upon a skillfully exploited situation rather than upon the development of character.
  • picnic — PEBCAK

Antonyms for merry-go-round

noun merry-go-round

  • sadness — affected by unhappiness or grief; sorrowful or mournful: to feel sad because a close friend has moved away.
  • tragedy — a lamentable, dreadful, or fatal event or affair; calamity; disaster: stunned by the tragedy of so many deaths.
  • seriousness — of, showing, or characterized by deep thought.
  • dissatisfaction — the state or attitude of not being satisfied; discontent; displeasure.
  • sorrow — distress caused by loss, affliction, disappointment, etc.; grief, sadness, or regret.

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