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    • US Pronunciation
    • US IPA
    • UK Pronunciation
    • UK IPA
    • /flændʒ/
    • /flændʒ/
    • US Pronunciation
    • US IPA
    • /flændʒ/

Definitions of flanges word

  • noun flanges Plural form of flange. 1
  • noun flanges plural of flange. 0

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A common word. It’s meaning is known to most children of preschool age. About 85% of English native speakers know the meaning and use the word.
This word is included in each student's vocabulary. Most likely there is at least one movie with this word in the title.

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Synonyms for flanges

noun flanges

  • edges — Plural form of edge.
  • rims — the outer edge, border, margin, or brink of something, especially of a circular object.
  • borders — administrative division of S Scotland, on the English border: 1,800 sq mi (4,662 sq km); pop. 101,000
  • flares — to burn with an unsteady, swaying flame, as a torch or candle in the wind.
  • labia — plural of labium.

Antonyms for flanges

noun flanges

  • centers — Plural form of center.
  • centres — Geometry. the middle point, as the point within a circle or sphere equally distant from all points of the circumference or surface, or the point within a regular polygon equally distant from the vertices.
  • interiors — being within; inside of anything; internal; inner; further toward a center: the interior rooms of a house.
  • insides — on the inner side or part of; within: inside the circle; inside the envelope.

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