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    • US Pronunciation
    • US IPA
    • UK Pronunciation
    • UK IPA
    • [fiz-uh l]
    • /ˈfɪz əl/
    • /ˈfɪz.əl/
    • US Pronunciation
    • US IPA
    • [fiz-uh l]
    • /ˈfɪz əl/

Definitions of fizzle word

  • verb without object fizzle to make a hissing or sputtering sound, especially one that dies out weakly. 1
  • verb without object fizzle Informal. to fail ignominiously after a good start (often followed by out): The reform movement fizzled out because of poor leadership. 1
  • noun fizzle a fizzling, hissing, or sputtering. 1
  • noun fizzle Informal. a failure; fiasco. 1
  • noun fizzle End or fail in a weak or disappointing way. 1
  • intransitive verb fizzle hiss, fizz 1

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Origin of fizzle

First appearance:

before 1525
One of the 28% oldest English words
1525-35; earlier fysel to break wind, frequentative of *fise < Old Norse fīsa to break wind; akin to feist

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fizzle popularity

A pretty common term. Usually people know it’s meaning, but prefer to use a more spread out synonym. About 63% of English native speakers know the meaning and use word.
This word is included in each student's vocabulary. Most likely there is at least one movie with this word in the title.

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Synonyms for fizzle

verb fizzle

  • misfire — (of a rifle or gun or of a bullet or shell) to fail to fire or explode.
  • wane — to decrease in strength, intensity, etc.: Daylight waned, and night came on. Her enthusiasm for the cause is waning.
  • abort — If an unborn baby is aborted, the pregnancy is ended deliberately and the baby is not born alive.
  • peter out — to diminish gradually and stop; dwindle to nothing: The hot water always peters out in the middle of my shower.
  • fail — to fall short of success or achievement in something expected, attempted, desired, or approved: The experiment failed because of poor planning.

noun fizzle

  • success — the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors; the accomplishment of one's goals.
  • nonfulfillment — neglect or failure to fulfill or carry out as required.
  • bringdown — a disappointment
  • frustration — act of frustrating; state of being frustrated: the frustration of the president's efforts.
  • disappointmentCape, a cape in SW Washington state, projecting into the Pacific Ocean on the N of the mouth of the Columbia River.

Antonyms for fizzle

verb fizzle

  • grow — to increase by natural development, as any living organism or part by assimilation of nutriment; increase in size or substance.
  • increase — to make greater, as in number, size, strength, or quality; augment; add to: to increase taxes.
  • achieve — If you achieve a particular aim or effect, you succeed in doing it or causing it to happen, usually after a lot of effort.
  • succeed — to happen or terminate according to desire; turn out successfully; have the desired result: Our efforts succeeded.
  • begin — To begin to do something means to start doing it.

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