F f


    • US Pronunciation
    • US IPA
    • UK Pronunciation
    • UK IPA
    • [fil-ter]
    • /ˈfɪl tər/
    • /ˈfɪltərə /
    • US Pronunciation
    • US IPA
    • [fil-ter]
    • /ˈfɪl tər/

Definitions of filterer word

  • noun filterer any substance, as cloth, paper, porous porcelain, or a layer of charcoal or sand, through which liquid or gas is passed to remove suspended impurities or to recover solids. 1
  • noun filterer any device, as a tank or tube, containing such a substance for filtering. 1
  • noun filterer any of various analogous devices, as for removing dust from air or impurities from tobacco smoke, or for eliminating certain kinds of light rays. 1
  • noun filterer something that works like a filter, as by removing, blocking, or separating out certain elements: Kids often talk without a filter. Events can be distorted through the filter of memory. 1
  • noun filterer Informal. a filter-tipped cigarette or cigar. 1
  • noun filterer Photography. a lens screen of dyed gelatin or glass for controlling the rendering of color or for diminishing the intensity of light. 1

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Origin of filterer

First appearance:

before 1375
One of the 22% oldest English words
1375-1425; late Middle English filtre < Medieval Latin filtrum “felt, piece of felt used to strain liquids” < Germanic; see felt2

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A common word. It’s meaning is known to most children of preschool age. About 96% of English native speakers know the meaning and use the word.
According to our data most of word are more popular. This word is almost not used. It has a much more popular synonym.

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