F f


    • US Pronunciation
    • US IPA
    • UK Pronunciation
    • UK IPA
    • [fid-ling]
    • /ˈfɪd lɪŋ/
    • /ˈfɪd.lɪŋ/
    • US Pronunciation
    • US IPA
    • [fid-ling]
    • /ˈfɪd lɪŋ/

Definitions of fiddling word

  • adjective fiddling trifling; trivial: a fiddling sum of money. 1
  • noun fiddling a musical instrument of the viol family. 1
  • noun fiddling violin: Her aunt plays first fiddle with the state symphony orchestra. 1
  • noun fiddling Nautical. a small ledge or barrier raised in heavy weather to keep dishes, pots, utensils, etc., from sliding off tables and stoves. 1
  • noun fiddling British Informal. swindle; fraud. 1
  • verb without object fiddling to play on the fiddle. 1

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Origin of fiddling

First appearance:

before 1425
One of the 25% oldest English words
late Middle English word dating back to 1425-75; See origin at fiddle, -ing2

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fiddling popularity

A common word. It’s meaning is known to most children of preschool age. About 78% of English native speakers know the meaning and use the word.
This word is included in each student's vocabulary. Most likely there is at least one movie with this word in the title.

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Synonyms for fiddling

adjective fiddling

  • unimportant — of much or great significance or consequence: an important event in world history.
  • trifling — of very little importance; trivial; insignificant: a trifling matter.
  • piddling — amounting to very little; trifling; negligible: a piddling sum of money.
  • trivial — of very little importance or value; insignificant: Don't bother me with trivial matters.
  • insignificant — unimportant, trifling, or petty: Omit the insignificant details.

noun fiddling

  • fraud — deceit, trickery, sharp practice, or breach of confidence, perpetrated for profit or to gain some unfair or dishonest advantage.
  • deception — Deception is the act of deceiving someone or the state of being deceived by someone.
  • cheating — an instance of rule-breaking
  • fixing — Informal. a position from which it is difficult to escape; predicament.
  • falsification — to make false or incorrect, especially so as to deceive: to falsify income-tax reports.

Antonyms for fiddling

adjective fiddling

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