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    • US Pronunciation
    • US IPA
    • UK Pronunciation
    • UK IPA
    • [kon-si-kwent, -kwuh nt]
    • /ˈkɒn sɪˌkwɛnt, -kwənt/
    • /ˈkɒn.sɪ.kwənt/
    • US Pronunciation
    • US IPA
    • [kon-si-kwent, -kwuh nt]
    • /ˈkɒn sɪˌkwɛnt, -kwənt/

Definitions of consequent word

  • adjective consequent Consequent means happening as a direct result of an event or situation. 3
  • adjective consequent following as an effect or result 3
  • adjective consequent following as a logical conclusion or by rational argument 3
  • adjective consequent (of a river) flowing in the direction of the original slope of the land or dip of the strata 3
  • noun consequent something that follows something else, esp as a result 3
  • noun consequent the resultant clause in a conditional sentence 3

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Origin of consequent

First appearance:

before 1350
One of the 20% oldest English words
1350-1400; Middle English (noun) < Latin consequent- (stem of consequēns, present participle of consequī to follow closely). See con-, sequent

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consequent popularity

A common word. It’s meaning is known to most children of preschool age. About 78% of English native speakers know the meaning and use the word.
According to our data about 55% of words is more used. This is a rare but used term. It occurs in the pages of specialized literature and in the speech of educated people.

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Synonyms for consequent

adj consequent

  • subsequent — occurring or coming later or after (often followed by to): subsequent events; Subsequent to their arrival in Chicago, they bought a new car.
  • indirect — not in a direct course or path; deviating from a straight line; roundabout: an indirect course in sailing.
  • consistent — Someone who is consistent always behaves in the same way, has the same attitudes towards people or things, or achieves the same level of success in something.
  • following — the act of following.
  • intelligent — having good understanding or a high mental capacity; quick to comprehend, as persons or animals: an intelligent student.

adjective consequent

  • resultant — that results; following as a result or consequence.
  • consequential — Consequential means the same as consequent.

adverb consequent

  • under — beneath and covered by: under a table; under a tree.

Antonyms for consequent

adj consequent

  • originating — to take its origin or rise; begin; start; arise: The practice originated during the Middle Ages.
  • preparatory — serving or designed to prepare: preparatory arrangements.
  • beginning — The beginning of an event or process is the first part of it.
  • causal — If there is a causal relationship between two things, one thing is responsible for causing the other thing.
  • commencing — Begin; start.

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